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* Package includes 1 Silo, 1 Feeder, 2 Dowels, 2 Screws

* Product Code: UT 05

* Dimensions: 100mm * 140mm * 350mm

* Used for combating flying insects. The pest that takes the feed dies immediately.

* Used with bait.

* It is hygienic.

* Provides exact solution.

* It offers comfort to people and animals.

* Reusable.

* From the original plastic material it is manufactured in Turkey.

* Ministry of Health Public Health Agency of Turkey is approved.

* Our Patents and Brands are registered by the Turkish Patent Institute.

AREAS OF USAGE: Bovine, ovine, poultry farms, Horse breeders and horse riding, Tourism enterprises, Restaurants, Workplaces, Gardens, Residences, Verandas

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